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My newest drawings over here.

Random Favourites

Whether it's beautiful, funny or very original, you can see all of my favourite deviations over here.

To-do and idea list

I made this the location of my DeviantArt to-do list.
Green = finished, soon to be deleted from the to-do list.
Orange = in progress
Red = not started yet
Blue = possible idea

If you see I have six unfinished to-do's (which isn't very likely), please don't ask for a new one. That'd be too much for me.

If I owe you something I forgot to add to the list, don't be afraid to tell me!

Contests and contest prizes
:bulletred: Egg hatching contest!Hi there! I recently gained 250 watchers and I am very happy with that :D (Big Grin)  I wish I had more time to check out your art and talk with you, because you are awesome people! Anyway, time for a celebration! I want to do that with this contest ;) (Wink) This is my first contest, so I hope you will enjoy it!
I have made 4 eggs, one for each element (fire, air, earth and water). You must pick one of them and draw the creature that will hatch from it. It can be a dragon, a griffin, phoenix, unicorn (lol, unicorns hatching from eggs XD) or a creature you made up yourself! Use your imagination!
I also want to learn something about your creature; what is its name, where does it live, what's its personality, etc. You can make a reference sheet if you want to, but you can also make a normal drawing and place the details about your creature in the description when you upload i

Art trades
:bulletred: Switcharound meme with VisionCrow and drosera-sundews

Personal stuff
:bulletblue: Wishing
:bulletblue: Seabottom dream
Project reference for original characters
:bulletred: Iwana
:bulletred: Amnis
:bulletgreen: Cylmani
:bulletgreen: Dynaisajia

No Requests by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
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The-fox-of-wonders has started a donation pool!
180 / 1,000,000,000
I greatly appreciate all donations, I can use them to buy premium membership... and maybe I will use them for other goals as well ^^
:note:All donators will get a llama from me as a thank-you :)

Dynaisajia by drosera-sundews
Look what drosera-sundews made for me, isn't it lovely? :D

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It's deviantART's 14th birthday! For this event, many users are writing about their experiences on dA until today, me included.

Pre-31st March 2010
So, let's start where it all started for me. Back in the days I was still on Dutch petsites for children, I was very fond of roleplaying, and I would often get the images for my characters from deviantART. At the time I was too young to understand copyright, but I did love the artwork. Nowadays I wouldn't just use artwork without asking (I don't roleplay anymore either), but I just thought I'd share how I got introduced to dA.

31st of March in 2010 was the day I joined deviantART, and started my own artistic journey. I joined one day before llamas got introduced. Boy am I proud. xD
My first dragon by The-fox-of-wonders
This is the first drawing I ever uploaded, on the very first day of my membership, too. I drew this back when I was only 10 years old, and I'm nearly 17 now, time sure goes flying by! When I look back at it now, I can say I'm sure I have improved. A lot. But the medium I use is actually still the same. I wonder when coloured pencils will get old for me, if ever. In 2010, I mainly drew colourless or flat-coloured drawings, but a notable thing about 2010 was how many photographs I took back then, including the one deviation that still holds the record for most views of my gallery.

Sunrise of gold by The-fox-of-wondersI think the main reason it has so many views is because I used GetWatchers back then. Now it did help increase the amount of views, but I don't think it got me any active watchers. However, that doesn't matter to me anymore. I'm much happier with the people who watched me because they found me elsewhere. :)
It was also the year I did my very first art trade.

2011 was a year during which I drew more fan art than any other year, including Okami (it was the year I first got it... and the game hasn't left my life ever since. Okami sparked my interest in Japanese mythology and music), The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem (only played Blazing Sword that year) and Super Smash Brothers Brawl (ahh, the memories of playing that with my friends~). I also gained a better understanding of anatomy. Below is my favourite work from 2011, a drawing I'm still proud of today (except the wings). :)
Dragon warrior by The-fox-of-wonders

2012 was a huge year for my art, a year where tons of things changed. Around may, I picked up my coloured pencils again, I joined contests (even won some!) and got more active on deviantART overall. There are two artworks from 2012 that I think deserve some special attention.
Eternity by The-fox-of-wondersSeeker of wisdom by The-fox-of-wonders
(Wow, I've only featured my dragons so far. Seems they've changed most for me)
On the left, Eternity. A drawing that means a lot to me. You probably know my fascination with time, and this drawing captures that perfectly. Not to forget that it's probably my best work using only one grey pencil, and one of the first drawings where an object is just as important as (or even more than!) the main character.
On the right, Seeker of Wisdom. This drawing still holds the record for most favourited deviation in my gallery, and I can see why! It's my second fully-coloured piece, and it tells a story without needing more than 3 words (being the title). The impact is still great when I look back at it, and it definitely stands out.

In 2013, I joined quite some contests again (and again, placed really well in most!), but most notable from 2013 was the huge improvement in shading. And when I say huge, I mean huge. In 2013 I also met some really inspiring artists, and made some great friends here on dA. I'd almost like to feature 2013 as a whole, but sadly that would be a bit too overwhelming. Still, I want to do it justice, so have 4 of the drawings that mean most to me. They all have an own story, some of them very personal, even.
Time by The-fox-of-wondersThe Collector by The-fox-of-wonders
Hope by The-fox-of-wonders
Wonders by The-fox-of-wonders

2014 until today
And now we enter the year where I don't have separate folders for, since I didn't have premium membership once this year. Oh well. In the beginning of this year I suffered from school pressure, and therefore didn't draw much beside scribbles and sketches that aren't notable. We're halfway though the year already, and I can't really predict if there will be many huge differences this year, or anything that defines it. Someone mentioned, however, that my works are getting more personal, and I actually think that might be true. My two latest artworks:
Good Morning by The-fox-of-wondersEscape From The Past by The-fox-of-wonders

But, that's not all! I wouldn't have been the artist I am today without you! You helped me through difficult times, you made me laugh, think, and helped me improve. Maybe I thanked you before, but I'll do it again! (I'm a bit of an idiot sometimes though... don't feel bad if I didn't include you, that mind of mine may have just made a mistake)

I hope you'll have a wonderful day! :hug:
  • Mood: Glad
  • Listening to: Peter Crowley's epic compositions
  • Reading: Finished awful Dutch book. Time for good books!
  • Playing: The Wind Waker HD
  • Eating: Just had a lovely lunch
  • Drinking: Wait... I didn't drink anything with my lunch...


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I love foxes, I must say before anything else ^^


What I do when I'm not drawing

I like playing badminton with friends and I'm an open water scuba diver as well as a beginning archer. Gaming is something different from the other thingies, but it's something I do.
Games I've played and love:
-Okami and Okamiden
-LoZ Skyward sword and Twilight Princess
-Fire Emblem (Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones)
-Rhythm Paradise (DS and its Wii version Rhythm Heaven Fever)
-Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time (& Darkness), Blue Rescue Team, Pokémon Diamond, Soulsilver, Black and Black 2
- Super Smash Bros Brawl -only when brawling with others-


If you would like to use my art (be the first to do so :P), ask for my permission. I love being featured, but then I'd like to have a link to my DeviantART account with it.

My birthday badge
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All my love- Empress.
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